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The DSX40 starts out with an initial configuration of 4 incoming lines X 8 digital station ports X 2 analog station ports with the capability to expand to 8 incoming lines X 24 digital station ports or 18 analog station ports.

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The NEC DSX40 is a great phone system for small businesses that doesn't need voice mail but need answering machine capability.  NEC DSX40 Phone System Deals and starter kits priced as low as $749 with free shipping.

With analog station ports built into the NEC DSX40 you have the capability of turning off your fax line and getting started with My Fax service and sending all of your faxes out through your regular voice lines.  When you sign up for a My Fax line you will be issued a local fax number in most areas and all of your incoming faxes will be sent to your email.  You can connect your fax machine to one of the analog station ports on the DSX40 and send out faxes through your regular voice lines eliminating the need for your costly fax line that is not used that much.  You will need to configure your fax number into your fax machine for outbound faxing caller ID.

Phones Features Expansion Cards

NEC DSX40 Expansion Cards

DSX40 4-Port Trunk Card

NEC DSX 4-Port CO Card

4-Port Trunk Incoming Line Card provides inter face of up to 4 more incoming lines to an existing phones system. The NEC DSX40 phone system can only be expanded to a maximum of 8 incoming lines. The DSX40 can only except only 1 4 CO Trunk incoming line card.

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DSX40 8-Port Analog Station Card

DSX40 8-Port Analog Station Card

8-Port Analog Station Card provides interface of 8 analog type telephones, single line phones, fax machines, or cordless phones to an existing DSX40 phone system. The DSX40 can only be expanded to a maximum of 24 telephones either 24 digital phones or up to 16 analog phones.

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DSX40 8-Port Digital Station Card

DSX40 8-Port Digital Station Card

8-Port Digital Station Card provides expansion of up to 8 more DSX Proprietary telephones to an existing DSX40 phone system. 2 8-Port Digital Station Cards can be added to an existing DSX40 phone system to provide up to 24 digital phones to the existing phone system.

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